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Floor Repairs

Timber Floor Repairs Melbourne

Have your timber floors lost their shine and their appeal after years and years of being stepped on? Has shifting furniture left your timber floors looking scuffed and scrapped? Did a pipe in the laundry burst and flood your floors? Don’t just leave your timber floors in a state of disarray, get them restored back to their best appearance and condition thanks to the exceptional and focused solutions and services from the team at Uniting Floors.

Since starting our business years ago our skilled and passionate team have endeavoured to deliver all the timber floor repairs Melbourne domestic and commercial customers will ever need. Boasting innovative and effective timber floorboard repairs Melbourne locals living and working across the city and suburbs can update and improve their property’s interior thanks to our personalised and focused approach.

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Timber floors are a great choice to install in your home or office, especially in places with accommodating weather conditions such as our wonderful Melbourne.

The colour and design possibilities of hardwood provide elegance and beauty; warmth and a sense of comfort and soothing effect like no other flooring surface. However, timber floors are prone to damage due to a variety of factors. Termites, excessive moisture, creaking, cracked floorboards and scratches are just a few examples.

Such damage affects not only the appearance of your home, but it can also cause structural damage which can be detrimental to a healthy, comfortable lifestyle. Thanks to our second to none and comprehensive timber floor repairs Melbourne home and business owners can prevent their timber floors from becoming a liability, and for an affordable price.

Proudly offering a detailed and unmatched service, Uniting Floors works with our customers from start to finish to ensure that they get the right timber floor repairs for the right price. To make the best choice for your timber floors look no further than the experts at Uniting Floors!

Timber Floor Restoration Melbourne

After years of installation in your home or business have your timber floors started to look worn and ratty? With our years of industry experience and training the professionals at Uniting Floors can complete the timely and detailed timber floor restoration Melbourne residents desire or require for their timber floors.

From removing scratches and scuff marks, to replacing floorboards damaged by water or termites, our skilled and effective experts can revitalise and rejuvenate timber floors in all environments. To find out more about our detailed and durable timber floor restoration and repair works, sanding and polishing, or installation services, give us a call on 0478 001 336.

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