Termite Damage Repairs in Melbourne

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Timber Floors Termite Damage Repairs

Termites are a major problem when dealing with timber flooring. If you notice any sign of termites, call your local pest controller as a matter of urgency.

Most modern day pest control professionals can actually ensure that termites are eliminated and your floorboards are free from future infestations. Treating the termite infestation is an essential component in the process of repair and/or replacement.

It is quite rare that termites damage a house or building beyond repair. Only infestations that were left untreated for many years can bring a building structure to a total state of disrepair.

There are of course exceptions to this rule that are related to the type of species of termite as well as the type of materials used in the original construction of the structure. For example, if the termite colony has fully matured, then the damage would become more obvious.

However, provided you have detected the presence of termites early, the reconstruction work required to repair the damage would be less extensive.

termite damage

As Melbourne Flooring Professionals, you can talk to us about termite damaged walls, termite damaged floors, termite damaged foundations, termite damaged sub-floor, termite damaged structural supports & beams, termite damaged roofs & ceilings etc.

We have extensive experience in termite damage assessment and termite inspections. We are licensed, insured and are well qualified in assessing and replacing termite damaged timber in your home or commercial building.

The Early Signs Of Termites

Many people do not realise they have a termite infestation until it is already well underway.

Termite Damage Repairs in Melbourne

These insects can cause significant damage, but they do so below the surface at first. However, there are early warning signs that termites are settling into your floors:

Swarmers Near Light – The presence of swarmers, or flying termites is one of the first tell tale signs that people see. They tend to fly near light, as well as around windows. You’ll also likely notice the discarded wings where swarmers have recently congregated.

Mud Leads – On the exterior of the home you may find tunnels made of mud. These are called mud leads, also known as shelter tubes, and they are created by termites as a way to access the home when they can’t tunnel through a material. Look for these around the foundation of the home, on brickwork and on concrete posts.

Water Damage – This is not a definite sign, but water damage does make it easier for termites to chew through wood. They often seek the path of least resistance, which is usually where water damage has occurred. If you’ve seen other signs of termites, check for water damage signs like staining on walls and blistering paint. Also look to see if there are water pipes and plumbing lines that enter or pass through the flooring.

Frass – Typically flooring damage from termites happens from the bottom up, but it is still possible to see frass. This is a small mound of termite fecal matter that looks like wood shavings. Frass is commonly found around walls where exit holes have been created.

The wood flooring itself can give away a termite infestation sooner than the other signs appear. This is often the case whether the subfloor or top surface is being attacked.
Wood that is easy to penetrate – If the surface is spongy and easy to penetrate with a sharp object that is the most evident sign of an infestation;

  • Hollow sound – Termites will often start below the surface, damaging wood without causing visible signs;
  • Raised or buckling areas in the flooring;
  • Damage to flooring – splits, cracked paint, holes in the surface – It is important to note that termites are capable of chewing holes in carpet flooring as well;
  • Damage to baseboards;
  • Swollen floors;
  • Squeaky floorboards;
  • Smell of mildew or mold;
  • Loose boards;
  • Laminate that is bubbling up, blistering and/or discolored;
  • Patterns from tunneling within the wood.​
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