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Professional Floor Sanding Melbourne Service

Floor sanding is a crucial step in transforming your wooden floors. It involves removing the top layer of the floor’s surface to reveal a fresh and even base.

This process helps to eliminate any imperfections, scratches, or stains on the surface of the timber. Not only does floor sanding enhance the appearance of your floors, but it also extends their lifespan.

One of the major benefits of Floor Sanding Melbourne is that it allows you to restore the natural beauty of your wooden floors. Over time, timber floors surface will were-out due to foot traffic, spills, and exposure to sunlight. Floor sanding and polishing service removes damaged top layer and reveals the fresh, smooth, and natural colour of the timber underneath. This can instantly transform the look and feel of your entire floor.

Additionally, floor sanding helps to improve the overall hygiene of your home or business. Timber floors can harbor dirt, dust, allergens, and even bacteria in the tiny crevices and scratches. By sanding and smoothing the surface, you can easily clean and maintain your timber floors, creating a healthier environment for you and your family. 

Floor Sanding and Floor polishing is crucial for transforming the look and feel of your floors. 

When it comes to choosing the best Floor Sanding and Polishing service providers in Melbourne, there are a few factors to consider.

First and foremost, Experience, Uniting Floors is offering Floor Sanding and Polishing, Timber Floor Repairs and more for over 10 years with a proven track record of delivering high-quality results.

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Additionally, we use latest floor sanding equipment and techniques. Technology has advanced significantly in recent years, and newer sanding and polishing methods can produce better results with minimal dust and noise. also the staircase sanding

Unveiling the Beauty Beneath: Your Trusted Choice for Timber Floor Sanding in Melbourne.

flooring sanding and polishing Melbourne

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Procedures in Timber Wood Floor Sanding

There are certain crucial considerations to make before allowing UnitingFloors to operate on your floor. They must first examine your floor to determine the type of wood it is constructed of and the finishes that have been applied.

They employ a technique called sanding to make your floor seem fantastic. They begin by removing any major issues with coarse sandpaper of 80 to 100 grit. Then, they smooth it out with finer sandpaper, between 150 and 220 grit.

The method they use depends on the kind of wood and the appearance you desire for your floor. They may need to sand it sufficiently well if you intend to stain your floor. They could even use a coarser piece of 400 grit to cover scratches if you’re using an oil-based finish.

Therefore, you may depend on UnitingFloors to install your floor perfectly.

Floor Sanding Prepration scaled

We prepare your floors for a stunning transformation. We inspect, repair, and clean your floors, ensuring a flawless surface for your floor renovation journey. Read more

Floor Sanding scaled

             Floor Sanding Process

The floor sanding process involves several systematic steps to refinish and rejuvenate your timber floors. Here’s an overview of the typical floor sanding process. Read more

Floor Sanding Finishing scaled

The floor sanding finishing is the final stages of the floor sanding process, aimed at enhancing the appearance, protection, and durability of your wooden floors. Read more

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Standard Service Pricing

Our Standard Service Pricing offers transparent and competitive rates for our top-quality flooring services. With clear pricing structures, you can trust that you’re receiving the best value for your investment in your floors.

Floor Sandingfrom $22 per m²
Floor Polishfrom $15 per m²
Timber Floor Gap Fillingfrom $20 per m²
Timber Floor Stainingfrom $12 per m²
Cutting and polishingfrom $19 per m²
Floor repairsfrom $100 per board
Floor sandingfrom $30 per m²
Polishingfrom Oil base $20 per m²
from Water base $30 per m²
Filling gapsfrom $20 per m²

Flooring Installation Costs

Uniting Floors offers competitive pricing for our expert installation services, ensuring that you receive exceptional value for your investment. Whether you’re looking to install hardwood, laminate, or engineered flooring, our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality results at affordable prices.

Engineered Wood Flooring Installationfrom $30 per m² without floor preparation
Parquet Floor Installationfrom $75 per m²

Floor Maintenance Pricing

Our Floor Maintenance Pricing offers cost-effective solutions for comprehensive floor cleaning, polishing, and recoating services. With transparent pricing structures, we ensure affordability and quality with every service. Whether you need routine maintenance or a one-time refresh, our competitive rates make it easy to keep your floors looking pristine.

Timber Floor Recoatingfrom $17 per m²
Timber Floor Cleaning and Polishingfrom $8 per m²
Floor cleaning$10

Have you ever noticed how those beautiful wooden floors can make a space look really nice?
Well, those are timber flooring, and they look amazing in any setting. But guess what? They could start to seem a little shabby and age over time. It is when “sanding” comes into play. Sanding your floors is like giving them a particular makeover. Because UnitingFloors excels at this, we’ll discuss why sanding is crucial for timber floors and how different techniques of UnitingFloors can actually restore the beauty of your floors.

What is timber floor sanding?

Sanding wooden floors is similar to giving your wooden flooring a facelift. Imagine that the top of your oak floor has some uneven and worn-out areas. We utilize specialized harsh materials, something like sandpaper, to make it appear brand new once more. Three major phases typically comprise this process:

  • Preparation: We start by setting up the floor. It can entail correcting any minor issues and ensuring that everything is prepared for sanding.
  • Sanding: Now for the enjoyable part! We scrub the top layer on your floor gently using those unique materials. It’s similar to treating it to a spa day. The floor becomes lovely and smooth as a result.
  • Adding Protection: Finally, we added a layer of protection to keep the surface looking wonderful for a very long time. It’s like covering your floor with a shield to keep it safe.

The good thing is that we can also utilize sanding to revive worn-out floors. For this, we utilize exceptionally smooth sandpaper and the appropriate equipment.

Sanding wood floors may be done either manually or using machinery. Let’s investigate them!

floor sanding and polishing south morang

Different techniques by Uniting Floors

1. Random orbit sanders

Sanding wooden floors is similar to giving your wooden flooring a facelift. They appear smoother and better as a result. Utilizing random orbit sanders is one method for doing this. These are portable sanding tools that have many directions of motion. They are quick and strong, and they leave your floors with an incredibly smooth surface.

There are three different kinds of random orbit sanders: orbital, electric, and air-powered. The first two are portable, whereas orbital sanders are substantial devices that roll over the floor. They operate by rotating a disc, and the wonderful part is that regardless of which direction the wood grain runs, they do not leave any stains on your floor.

To make cleaning up and using them easier, some of these sanders even incorporate dust collectors.
Your wooden floors look amazing when UnitingFloor employs random orbit sanders!

2. A belt sander

Another fantastic technique of UnitingFloor to enhance the appearance of wood floors is the belt sander. These devices frequently run on electricity and include two drums that each contain a loop of moving sandpaper. There are two primary categories of belt sanders: portable ones that you travel over the substance and fixed ones that you place the flooring material on top of.

Belt sanders are frequently employed at the beginning of the sanding procedure to remove difficult materials since they may be rather powerful. You may attach fine-grit sandpaper to these instruments to sand your floor to an extremely smooth finish.

And guess what? There is a belt sander for every task because they come in a variety of sizes and designs.

3. Sheet sanders

When it concerns timber floor sanding, sheet sanders are quite useful, and Uniting Floors is skilled at using them.

Now, what distinguishes sheet sanders from belt and random orbital sanders, which employ rounded discs, is that they function with standard sandpaper sheets. Both finding and using sheet sanders are simple. You take those sheets of sandpaper, cut them up into smaller ones, and fasten them to the sander’s flat surface.

The sanding pad moves in a circle on these sanders thanks to unique motors. It resembles a dancing motion somewhat! Similar to a random orbital sander’s circular motion, but with a unique technique of moving, creating it even smoother, the random one moves in a circular motion. The interesting aspect is that you can change the strength of the sanding to suit your needs.

Your timber floors are in safe hands when Uniting Floors uses the technique of sheet sanders!

4. Manual sanding

Manual sanding is another term for the process of sanding wooden flooring. Compared to the sophisticated machinery we previously discussed, it is somewhat akin to old-fashioned sanding.

When sanding by hand, you use specialized sandpaper with varying degrees of roughness. A drum sander is also occasionally used by individuals. It resembles a large cylinder with unique sanding surfaces outside.

But here’s the thing: while contemporary sanding equipment is more effective and simpler to operate, hand sanding is less common these days. They may be a little more expensive, but they also save you time and effort. Small portions may still benefit from manual sanding, but large floors require a lot of labor and can be a pain.

Wrapping Up

There are several factors to consider when it pertains to making your wooden wood flooring appear amazing. UnitingFloors is quite familiar with it!

Sanding wood floors is like providing them with a facelift, you see. Depending on the requirements of your flooring and the type of timber they are constructed of, there are many approaches you may take. The correct machine and sandpaper must be chosen for the task.

But there’s more! How to sand them depends on the sort of floor you have as well as how the wood itself is put together. Your floors will look wonderful; thanks to UnitingFloors’ expertise.

They are knowledgeable on how to choose the ideal methods and equipment for the task. So, trust UnitingFloors to freshen up your timber floors when the time comes!

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