Floor Repair Services Melbourne

Floor Repair Services Melbourne

Are you looking for a floor repair services in Melbourne? Why settle for anything less when Uniting Floors provides you with top-notch Floor repairing services. 


During the early phases of floor damage, a top coating of floors with polishes can help in restoring the look of hardwood floors. We, at Uniting Floors, give great top-coating of your valuable timber wood floors to conceal any floor scratches and minor scrapes which may damage the point of view of your hardwood floors.


Uniting Floors has decades of expertise with hardwood flooring and repair services have empowered us to build up a sharp eye for recognizing any damages zones on timber wood floors. Our accomplished experts can rapidly show any gaps or damages in hardwood floors, for example, single board’s replacement and fixing where holes are present on the hardwood floors.


Are you experiencing difficulty in managing to chip and distorting timber wood boards? Our floor sanding services can manage the distorting of hardwood floors and reestablish the actual finish. Uniting Floor’s sanding procedure won’t just level the Floor yet, also, cover any scratches.


Besides, it fills any holes and gaps present in hardwood flooring; our floating floor fix services use specific sorts of customized sealants. These sealants design with the sole aim of filling holes and fastening floating floors without giving much repair signs. Uniting Floor’s floor repair service Melbourne is practically undetectable to the sight due to the use of matching material and sealants.


Our accomplished team have a tremendous knowledge of timber selection. It has empowered us in choosing the correct type of timber to match with existing hardwood floors. Be it new or reused wood; our reputed providers provide us with the particular timber species which will be expected to cover any damages in your hardwood flooring seamlessly.


Have your hardwood floors fell victim to wood rot or serious warping? In such cases, you need skilled floating floor repairs in Melbourne to decide the degree of damage and determination of the correct fix methodology. Uniting Floors will start a screening procedure and check diverse case situations to choose whether the Floor should be fixed or supplanted.

Apart from that, we also provide guidance and consultation to provide you with the best.

Best Ways to Clean and Maintain Tile Floors

Best Ways to Clean and Maintain Tile Floors

You have a horde of choices while choosing the flooring for your home. The most well-known decision is tile on account of its excellence and its simple maintenance. Cleaning tile floors may seem like a tedious errand, yet it is effortless. Here are a few tips that will help keep your floor cleaning .

Vacuum and Dust

Use a vacuum or a dust mop every day to remove dust and dirt before it gets rooted in your tile and grout. That is the most simple and quickest approach to keep up your floor repair. Never use a straw brush for the task because it will scratch your tiles.

Mop it Up

Mop your floor with hot water once every week. You can likewise use a gentle cleanser to improve your tile’s colour, sparkle and gleam. Make certain to check with the manufacturer before using any cleaners to abstain from damaging your tiles.

Make sure to dry your floor right after wet mopping to dodge misfortunes, just as to keep new dirt from sinking into the damp area.

Clean up Spills ASAP

Go through spongy clothes to wipe stains to stay away from dirt collection and slipping. Furthermore, it’ll reduce the chances of stains forming on your tile.

You should use a floor cleaning or disinfectant to clean dirtier stains. Raw meat and egg spills need a more vigorous cleaning to keep bacterias from settling into your tiles. The chemicals may dull the tiles, it may be a smart thought to mop the area with water.

Try to use a vacuum or a fluffy dust mop every day to reduce dust and dirt before it gets settled in your tile and grout.

Use Doormats

Keep doormats on both sides of the gates that lead all through your home. This will wipe out dirt or water from getting followed inside during a lousy climate. If you have floor tiling in your washroom, use a shower mat to keep your tiles dry.

Add Some Area Rugs

Keep area mats or rugs in areas that get high foot activity. Aforementioned can forestall dulling, scratches and dirt build-up that will happen in zones, for example, the entrance or family room.

Do a Deep Cleaning

Use deep cleaning solutions from time to time. It will help eliminate stains and oily buildup without damaging your tiles. Blend 1/2 cup of white vinegar with a gallon of hot water. This natural method is incredibly helpful for kitchens. In case, that you don’t have vinegar close by, you can substitute it with a 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol.

Freshwater and dish cleaner will help remove hardened grease from your flooring. A creamer scouring powder and warm water combination will eliminate stains.

Pay Attention to the Grout

Remember to clean your grout. You don’t need to go to a store and buy specific cleaners for this job. Simply make a glue mixture with baking soda and water. Spread the glue onto the grout and let it sit for the time being, at that point, use an old toothbrush to scour the grout. Flush the glue off with warm water when you are done cleaning.

If you follow these tips regularly, your tile floors will retain its sheen and lustre for a long time.



Resurfacing or  sanding a floor Melbourne a wood floor can be a more delicate procedure than you may think of. Here are some tips to assist you with sanding a hardwood floor without decimating it.

In case you’re considering refreshing the vibe of your hardwood floors, set aside some effort to understand what’s in store, regardless of whether you do the task yourself or hire an accomplished flooring pro.

Clean Floors:

Sanding a floor requires the usage of heavy-duty rotating sanding instrument that can kick up a massive amount of residue. Most rotational sanders have a vacuum attachment, which will reduce harm to your lungs and home.

Here are different methods to reduce dust damage:

  • Use plastic sheeting or something to block off sections that aren’t being dealt with. 
  • Cover electrical outlets, air vents and windows. The residue kicked up from these power instruments can stick your windows, harm your electrical outlets and even pose a genuine fire danger. 
  • Wear a mask and safety goggles. Rapid rotating sanders can drive even the tiniest bits of wood at extraordinary speeds.

Check Floor’s Depth:

Always check your floor profundity. In the event that your current floor is just 1/4″ thick, consider employing an expert. Thin flooring are truly hard to sand. You can without much of a stretch weaken the basic integrity or even sand down to the subfloor.

Make Initial Repairs:

Before you try to sand or resurface your floor, timber floor repair any chips or gouges. Moreover, make a point to inspect for metal nail heads. On the off chance that you find any nail heads, try to subset them a piece to abstain from destroying the sandpaper or damaging the sander head.

Be Consistent:

You should use different grit types, beginning with the roughest and ending with the best. This will guarantee a smooth outcome and permit stain and sealant to adhere appropriately. When utilizing a rotating sander, be steady with how much time you spend sanding a specific region. On the off chance that the unit is on and you sand one spot for a really long time, you slope the floor, which will require an extremely testing repair.

Remove Testings:

Remove baseboard and quarter-round trim before you sand. Sanding can bring down the floor stature, making a gap among floor and trim, and it can scrape trim.

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Why We Go for a Floor Polishing Professional

Why We Go for a Floor Polishing Professional

Floor Polishing Professional in Melbourne

Everybody likes to have a spotless and delightful home, and magnificence doesn’t generally manifest from costly Sydney furniture removalists, sumptuous carpets, antique ornamental pieces, and so on perfect, perfect and all around kept up the house can likewise mitigate one’s eyes and solace ones detects. While usually, you will, in general, focus on furnishing to drapes, wall colours to enriching showpieces, tapestries to cushions, and your floor polishing can likewise assume an essential job in making an impression.

Everybody makes normal strides of cleaning and keeping up flooring through dusting, moping and using of floor cleaners yet there are scales of residue which will result in general stick on to corners, stains which are difficult to expel, scratches on marbles or wooden floor which are hard to remove. These things aren’t that easy to clean, and this is why you need a professional to polish your floors to make it look like a new one. 

Now, before you need to slip into the benefits of floor polishing it is essential to comprehend that DIY polishing methods and professional work are different, with different results too. Professionals have the right sort of polishing tools which causes them to evenly polish every last trace of floor space just as reach to tricky corners. The correct utilisation of chemicals for your floor type likewise stands apart to be a significant judgment and pick so as to keep up the shine and nature of your floor.

Timber Floor polishing Melbourne professionals have explicit knowledge and understanding of each sort of floor and their agreeing upkeep and care. Here are a couple of reasons why experts are better over DIY plans. 

  • An expert understands the necessary PH level of the polish to be used to guarantee that no chemical reaction happens when utilised on the floor. For instance, marble reacts to acidic specialists, so you need soluble ones.
  • Professional flooring experts don’t use toxic chemicals. 
  • They have perfect knowledge about how much chemical is to be used and how to use them. 

Why should you hire a Professional?

Regain Floor Shine: After some time floors will, in general, lose their shine even when you clean it every single day. The most common way of cleaning a floor is to clean it with water. It doesn’t help much when it comes to removing the dirt as most of the floor cleaners tend to stick around while creating a layer of dust. 

Stains, Scratches and Marks: It frequently happens that you inadvertently spill something on the floor or might be a container of pickle drops on the floor making carve marks or stains which become difficult to remove despite the fact that you continue scouring them with standard cleaners. This is when experts can enlighten the way, with expert strategies and professional cleaning. Through floor polishing, you can dispose of extreme stains and engraving marks without any problem.
Call a professional today and give a new life to your floor.

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With regards to flooring, one of the most significant decisions is choosing dark or light tones. A few might opt for dark, more vibrant tones while a few may incline toward lighter shades. And a few might be confused between the two. Thus, to help you select between light and dark flooring, we have put together a guide to help you out. 

Here are a few questions while you choose between light and dark flooring:


  • Is there a specific shade you like? 
  • Do you have pets? Children?  
  • Does your home have a particular aesthetic?
  • How often do you clean? 
  • What are the sizes of your rooms? 
  • How much light does your place get? Is it artificial or natural?
  • What colour is your furniture? 


What’s Easier to Clean?

If cleaning dirt is critical to you, light flooring is the best for you. Dirt and dust are less noticeable on lighter floors. 

Dirt will probably appear more unadorned on lighter floors while sand may mix in further. If your dirt is lighter (think sand, dust, and pet hair), you may see light floors as your brightest choice. 


What Shows Scratches More?

Once more, light floors have the preferred position here. If you want to conceal any scratches, a light flooring is the best option for you. 

Darker hues will, in general, amplify scratches and blemishes, particularly on floors made by wood. 


Do Dark Floors Make a Room Look Smaller?

Indeed, dark floors do tend to cause spaces to seem smaller. While this may not be perfect in a home or condo with little space, it very well may be a brilliant element in bigger homes or rooms that you might want to feel increasingly comfortable and welcoming. 

If you need to expand space in a tiny place, lighter floors might be the best option for you. 


If you incline toward dark floors but have worries that it will cause your space to appear to be excessively dark, consider including extra overhead lighting, more windows, lighter window treatments, and more luminous paint.


Are Dark or Light Floors Better In Sunny Rooms?


We love the sun here in Australia, yet it very well maybe not very sympathetic on flooring. Dark floors absorb sunlight as opposed to repulsing it, making them less inclined to blurring than lighter tones. This implies darker shades will keep up their real nature better and more, particularly in rooms with abundant sunlight.


Which Has More Impact?


Light floors have a simple method of letting your stylistic layout sparkle as the point of convergence. Then again, dark tones give an intense, luxurious vibe. 


If you need an exemplary look that allows your furnishings and stylistic layout to become the dominant focal point, light floors might be the best pick for you. If you need your floors to reflect something, dark shades can offer the effect you are searching for.


Do Light or Dark Tones Show Grain Better?

If you are settling on solid timber or engineered timber flooring Melbourne, darker shades will draw out the lavishness of the wood’s grain, giving your home a dazzling intrigue.

Nevertheless, dark or light, you’re the best one to decide what you want for your place.

We are Uniting Floors, the specialists at Uniting Floors are able to deliver everything from Timber Floor Repair Melbourne  through to timber floor sanding and polishing, timber deck sanding and oiling and other restoration services for existing solid timber floors.

Top 10 Flooring Mistakes to Avoid

Top 10 Flooring Mistakes to Avoid

Looking for new floors? Loaded up with stress that you will commit a costly error? You are not alone – everyone feels that way! We understand that this is something you have likely never done. Here’s a rundown of the Top 10 TIMBER FLOOR IN MELBOURNE to stay away laid down by the flooring experts:

Choosing the Flooring Without Considering Your Needs and Lifestyle.

There is no general best sort of flooring for everyone. Knowing your family’s way of life and picking flooring that fits into that way of life is something that many people don’t consider. For instance, choosing a glossy hardwood floor when you have children and pets is setting the floor up for disappointment. You have to set aside the effort to figure out which item will best address your issues. Invest energy talking with flooring experts and speak the truth about what you don’t like for about your existing floor and afterwards tune in to the recommendations and advice.

Falling for Advertising Gimmicks

There are a bunch of offers that businesses will make to get clients: “get one room, get two free” or “free installation.” Companies that publicize these things are not giving you anything for free. The expense to cover the “two free rooms” is covered up in the cost of the one-room you are paying for, or in the work charges. Get more than one estimate, compare the prices.

Selecting Poor Quality

Installing new floorings can be costly. It takes tonnes of planning and savings to ensure you are getting a top-notch product that will last long. You would prefer not to wind up choosing a product that you will need to replace in a short period since it is of low quality. Eventually, it will cost you more money than you’ll save by going with low-quality flooring.

Not Understanding What You Are Buying

Picking floor can be an overwhelming task. There are several options to choose from, and you need to ensure you are getting the best quality for the price you pay. All carpets aren’t the same. The more you know, the easier it will be to settle on the ideal decision for your home.

Putting Too Much Importance On Warranties

A guarantee exists to secure you as the customer, yet in addition to ensuring the producer. The primary concern is that a warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear of a floor. Also, a guarantee is just going to cover what might be viewed as a flawed product, for example, a wood with a finish that is stripping off or something. Moreover, the problems that are covered under warranty show-up after years. 

Skimping on Installation

You can purchase the best quality flooring, however, if it’s not installed correctly, there will be issues, and it won’t be long-lasting. It is critical to explore the installation. You are paying much money for the new flooring, ensure that it is installed correctly.

Choosing Based on a Small Sample

Choosing the correct colour and shade of your new floor is essential. It is hard to get an exact picture of what a colour will look like based on a 2-inch sample. See a larger piece of your flooring to get an accurate idea about how does it look and if it’s suitable for your place. 

Factoring Carpet Seams

A seam in a carpet is required when two bits of carpet are laid together. The kind of carpet plays a considerable role. Patterned carpets ought to be given more thought because you want the patterns to match. A few types of carpet (and vinyl) will require more carpet to be bought to provide the most appealing satisfying results, which will add to the expense of the task.

Overlooking a Damaged or Uneven Subfloor

A subfloor is a structure after that all the floors in your home are anchored. Depending upon the development of your home, the subfloor might be concrete/cement or compressed wood. 

Flooring manufacturers require your subfloor be level, perfect, dry, and stable before the installation of your new floor. Carpet and cushion shroud the way that a subfloor is harmed or isn’t level. 

Not Checking Moisture Content

Moisture in the floor is a vital thing to consider when installing hardwood floors. Moisture can make wood swell or twist, which is the reason the dampness content should be checked before installing hardwoods. It is imperative to be checked before installing in such a case that the moisture content is excessively high, steps can be taken to address the issue before the wood is put down. Moisture is wood’s most exceedingly awful adversary, so you need to ensure you evade it!

At Uniting Floors, we providing the very best customer service, which means you can expect our installers to arrive on time and to work diligently and professionally. Committed to being the  top timber flooring specialists in Melbourne residents wanting the best floor possible, Uniting Floors can not only provide a floor that is the perfect combination of form and function.


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