Surface Preparation for Floor Sanding & Polishing

Surface Preparation for Floor Sanding & Polishing

Surface Preparation for Floor Sanding & Polishing

“Prior to commencing the sanding process, it is essential to get your workspace ready. Begin by clearing the room of all furniture, decor, and wall ornaments. Use plastic sheeting to shield any immovable fixtures and doorways, preventing them from being affected by dust. Lastly, ensure that your floor is devoid of any nails or staples and is clean.”

Do you require professionals to sand and polish it to make it appear elegant again? We pledge to complete the work properly and affordably.

Floor Sanding & Polishing Melbourne

All types of floors are workable, and we offer solutions for environmentally friendly, chemically-free hardwood floors.

We constantly provide high-quality goods and services, and our rates are reasonable. When we visit, we will provide sound advice on your floor to give a free estimate. We’ll let you know precisely what you need and when it will take to complete your job.

Here’s what we do

  • Floor Sanding and Polishing: We employ the most up-to-date gear to give your floor the optimum finish through floor sanding and polishing.
  • Floor Installation: We can install hardwood floors in homes and offices.
  • Hardwood floor restoration: We can repair any wooden floor, from minor blemishes to damaged sections.

Surface Preparation Made Simple: The UnitingFloors Method

Consider a floor that requires some attention. It can have a coating on it, be covered with an outdated finish, or even have sticky adhesive remnants. The UnitingFloors Method is helpful in this situation. This technique is used to prepare surfaces for a fresh appearance.

Here’s what we can do with it:

  • Sanding and Roughening: Sanding the floor will make it smoother. When you wish to get away from flaws, this is helpful.
  • Coating Removal: If you have a coating on your floor, such as an outdated finish, we can remove it.
  • Getting Removal of Glue Remains: Sticky leftovers can occasionally be a hassle. We can aid you in removing these.

Our equipment may be used on PVC flooring in addition to regular floors. We can even swap out worn finishes for new ones to restore the brand-new appearance of your floor.

 We have the equipment for various tasks, including sandpaper and specialty pads. The difficulty of the job will determine the best instrument to use. Sometimes, exerting more pressure will result in quicker, higher-quality work.

Also, don’t stress over the mess. Even though we frequently operate without water, there’s a method for keeping things clean. UnitingFloors Splash & Dust Guard and our Dust Control vacuum are highly advised. In this manner, you maintain safety and a neat workstation.

Instruments used by UnitingFloors

We use a variety of instruments, including bonded diamond pads, aluminum oxide pads, open-structure pads, and sandpaper, to prepare surfaces utilizing the UnitingFloors Method.

The tool selected will rely on the requirements of the particular project. More pressure is frequently preferable for quicker and better results when preparing surfaces. We strongly advise utilizing the UnitingFloors Dust Control vacuum coupled with the UnitingFloors Splash & Dust Guard to control and contain dust.

These preparations are generally dry, creating a clean and secure working environment. Thanks to these instruments and methods, we may quickly and efficiently prepare surfaces for a range of applications.

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality & Affordability: We provide top-notch services at reasonable costs.
  • Experienced Team: We guarantee excellent outcomes thanks to our staff’s expertise and experience.
  • Family-Owned: As a family-run company, we give your project our undivided attention.
  • Free Estimates: We offer free estimates so you know all associated costs.
  • Licensed and Insured: You may feel secure knowing that we are a licensed and insured business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Which flooring kinds do you deal with?

In addition to hardwood, laminate, and tile, we also specialize in other types of flooring.

How long does it take to build a floor?

Although the turnaround time varies, we’ll give you an estimate at your appointment.

Are the floor coatings you use eco-friendly?

Yes, we provide environmentally friendly choices that won’t harm the environment or your house.

Do your services come with warranties?

We issue warranties to assure your happiness and the durability of our work.

If you’re making repairs or additions, can you match the flooring?

Yes, we work to match your current flooring for a unified appearance perfectly.

Commercial Timber Floor Sanding And Polishing Melbourne

Commercial Timber Floor Sanding And Polishing Melbourne

Commercial Timber Floor Sanding And Polishing Melbourne

Having a perfect home with shiny flooring and beautiful interiors is what we all dream of. A good conditioned timber flooring requires timely maintenance that includes both commercial floor sanding and commercial floor polishing. Have you been looking for commercial floor sanding and commercial floor polishing services in Melbourne? Uniting Floors provides all these services and more at the best prices and from a highly experienced team of professionals.

Well maintained timber floor can enhance the aesthetic essence of your home. Hence, to achieve the best results you will have to employ the best commercial floor sanding and commercial floor polishing services in Melbourne.

When do we need commercial floor sanding and floor polishing services?

While timber flooring is known to be sturdy and durable, over the years of use damage to its surface is impertinent. Usually, the use of harsh floor cleaners, high heeled shoes, exposure to moisture, and other factors, can cause degradation of the floor finish over the time. Thus, it is important to look after the flooring by maintaining it through regular floor sanding and polishing services.

Wooden flooring if not looked after properly can end up looking cloudy or scratched. While floor polish can provide a glossy sheen to your timber floors if applied, but in case there are deep gouges in the wood and the scratches are too many, it is important to reconsider resurfacing your floors. This entails a process of commercial floor sanding and polishing, which will work wonders in rejuvenating tired timber floors.

Ideally when a wooden flooring is resurfaced i.e. sanded and polished at least once a year can help prolong the durability of the flooring. Uniting Floors aids homeowners to maintain their wooden flooring in good condition by providing the best in business commercial floor sanding and floor polishing services in Melbourne.

Why is Commercial Floor Sanding and Floor Polishing Important?

Good intact and well-maintained timber flooring completes the look of any home and obviously having ugly chippings and cracks in the flooring need

 to be looked into at the earliest. Hence, getting commercial floor sanding and polishing in Melbourne done at least once a year is an essential for maintenance of the timber flooring in your commercial premises. Let’s explore the two main reasons why it is important to get timber floor sanding and polishing done every year:

  • Opting for regular timber flooring maintenance services like commercial floor polishing and commercial sanding services in Melbourne will help make floors become more strong, sturdy and dependable.
  • Getting professional floor sanding and polishing by the right service provider not only prolongs the life of the flooring but will also minimize the incidence of time-driven damage to it.

Key Steps in Commercial Floor Sanding and Commercial Floor Polishing of Wooden Flooring

Commercial Timber Floor Sanding in Melbourne and Commercial Timber Floor Polishing in Melbourne are services which Uniting Floors pioneers in. Equipped with a team of professionals with years of experience, Uniting Floors helps restore timber flooring to its original shiny and glistening look. Some of the important steps involved in Commercial Timber Floor sanding and polishing services include:

  1. Clearing the surface and Floor Preparation

The first step to get your commercial timber floor sanding and polishing started is clearing out the clutter. All the furniture must be moved out of the room. Moreover, any fittings or wall hangings may have to be removed to avoid damage or risk of hitting them while sanding the timber floor.

Then it is important to clean out the floor by removing protruding nails or chippings and inspect the floor surface for any inconsistencies. Uniting floors offers the best commercial timber floor sanding and polishing services in Melbourne thereby helping you maintain your timber flooring in pristine condition.

  1. Using the right gear to get the best results

Starting off with the right timber floor sanding equipment can save a lot of time and definitely prevent damage during the process of timber floor repair. So, here’s the deal- There are basically three types of sanders that are commonly available at home building stores for rent – Buffer Sanders, Square Vibrating Sanders and Drum Sanders. Each of these sanders, although are built to do the same job but differ in their ease of handling and risk of damage. Along with sanding tools even polishing materials need to be selected and made available for better effectiveness of the timber floor sanding and polishing services.

  1. Using the right technique

The idea of using the grits in a particular order is to get the desired finesse in a shorter time span. Skipping even one grit in the sequence can add more time in hours to finish the job. After each pass using a grit paper it is important to check that the swirls from all the previous grit passes have been taken care of.

Once you can meticulously proceed through each grit paper and finally reach the 120 grit mark and finish that pass too, you can clean up all the dust caused by the sanding using brushes and preferably vacuum it out to get a clean finished timber flooring.

  1. Adding the finishing touch

For the final finishing of the polish coating, it is preferable to use a water-based primer. A thin coat is the best option to ensure a long-lasting finish. Usually, two coats of high-density polyurethane can do the job. Adding the finishing touches well helps give a longer life to your timber flooring.

It is important to choose a professional commercial floor sanding and polishing services provider in Melbourne like Uniting Floors to ensure that the services are conducted with precision and help enhance the durability and texture of your timber flooring leaving it looking smooth and shiny as ever!

Flooring Trends 2021 – What is in style?

Flooring Trends 2021 – What is in style?

Are you staying aware of the flooring trends in vogue right now and prepared to renew your floors for your home or property? With regards to installing a new floor, you need your decision to mark some important boxes. Your floor should be: 

  • Aesthetically appealing and stylish 
  • Utilitarian 
  • Strong 
  • Comfortable underfoot 
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Ageless

If you plan to renovate your home (or property), your floor is an incredible place, to begin with, and is one single element of your home that can totally change your space. Following flooring trends, and with the right flooring arrangement, you can make a consistent flow through your home, depict specific zones, or wholly modify the tone of a room.

At last, you might wish to choose the flooring that is modern yet an all-time classic.

Flooring Trends in 2021:

In 2021, it’s tied in with recreating natural materials (for example, wood and stone) for hard floors and giving rugs that are all the more technologically advanced and easy to use. 

Industry specialists anticipate the accompanying will be the top flooring trends this year and for a significant length of time:

Natural Effects: There are vinyl and hybrid vinyl floors that surprisingly mimic natural and human-made materials, including natural wood and stone. Wood-like flooring has been the most popular hard floor trend since 2018, and it will stay very much be in vogue this year.

Waterproof Flooring: Modern-day homeowners look for sturdiness and easy support and style, particularly if they have children or pets. Waterproofing for your floor is not, at this point, restricted to tile – Vinyl hybrid and vinyl cause engineered wood offers a degree of water resistance.

Texture: Smooth floors are exemplary, yet 2021 trends will see us grasp texture. Regardless of whether the texture is applied to rugs or engineered wood floors, we will see many more floors that look like reclaimed, wire-brushed, distressed, or hand-scratched hardwood for a unique outcome. For vinyl, tile, and cover, creative trends will be on-vogue, including effects that are concrete, hexagonal, herringbone, chevron, and blended width other patterns.

Sustainability: Many people are now environmentally conscious, and we need to understand that our homes are made with sustainable materials. Flooring made from natural, recyclable, reclaimed, recovered, and homegrown materials are more popular than any other time in recent memory.

Blonde: Blonde wood flooring and honey-like tones are having a renaissance of sorts, while the sleek lines of white and grey stay mainstream. Then again, high-variation dark-wood effects are popular for those looking for a more customary, exemplary impact.

Style: If you need to make an aesthetic that pantomimes to a farmhouse, beach-facing home, or modern style, 2021 is your year. Floors that emulate wide or hybrid-width hardwood boards are trendy. These alternatives are more eco-friendly than natural wood, and engineered wood floors are practically difficult to discern from natural hardwood floors.

Carpet: The emphasis will be on color, pattern, and texture. Advancements in carpets strands will offer delightful, warm floors that are tough and simple to maintain.

For learning more ideas and trends related to flooring, get in touch with Uniting Floors.


Set the tone for your home with the perfect colour floorboards

Set the tone for your home with the perfect colour floorboards

Floors are your home’s foundation and go about as the focal point that brings your color scheme and decorating style together. Great floors will last forever, so it’s critical to get them right. The trends in stylistic theme and interior plan are everlastingly changing and proceeding, and keeping in mind that it’s anything but difficult to refresh your paint tone and change a couple of light fittings as trends go back and forth, you need to ensure that your floorboards is something contemporary and classy yet additionally rich and timeless.

At Uniting Floors, we have a remarkable passion for timber and timber, having some expertise in excellent engineered floorboards in Australia. While choosing floorboards, it’s imperative to choose something you love and that works with your home style compared to something in vogue; however, if you are looking for a look that is both, here are some brilliant options in floorboards right now.

Cool Tones

The inclination towards cooler tones has been on the ascent in the interior plan lately, and it isn’t losing force any time soon. Cool tones are favored for both the walls and floors, and these work connected at the hip together. There has been a solid shift from warmer tones in timber flooring, for example, reds, red/brown mixes, or yellow undertones, and an inclination towards browns that are natural and cool, with no red undertones, grays, charcoal, and even black.

 Solid Black 

 Black keeps on being a solid element in the interiors, and not as a complementing tone. Solid black floorboards can add value to your home in the near style of house from minimalist yet modern space to a loft-like apartment; black also works well in a heritage home and is always a decent option for homes with a combination of wood styles as it covers the distinctions better. A strong design choice that overflows refinement keeps in mind that black floors will, in general, show all of the dust.

Grey and Grey Blends

Grey is another interior design shade that sets down deep roots, not simply on walls and in different styling pieces. An unbiased, liveable option, grey flooring has been on the ascent, and you can see it wherever you go, from high-end condos to suburban homes, they are everywhere. An incredibly adaptable choice, grey floors can function admirably with a delicate pastel palette or with bolder, brighter tones too, and blends well with both cool tones and warm tones. With endless color options to choose from, regardless of whether you choose a delicate, unobtrusive grey wash or deep silver, grey floorboards immediately add an unmatched degree of class and elegance and can in a flash revive any home.


 While cool, darker tones are trendy, so are colors at the furthest edge of the spectrum. Whitewashed wood is back, and it’s quickly filling in ubiquity. Reexamined and modernized, the modern whitewashed floorboards are matte finish and unpretentious in character with the goal that the floors look more natural, slightly lighter, and a touch whiter than the other usual floors. Delicate, whitewashed timber for the floor adds the ideal equilibrium of natural texture and contemporary warmth to any space.


The ideal rich, minimalist scenery for any space, blonde timber floors are incredibly adaptable and work in practically any home and with any stylistic layout style, regardless of whether it be Scandinavian, beach house, minimal or monochromatic. Blonde floors work in everything from loose to upscale plans, and they are ideal backup to practically any shade of cabinetry, dividers, and interior plan.

 Natural Finishes 

 It’s not simply specific tones that are right now trending; with regards to the finish, matte, silk, and low-gloss are as of now pervasive. Glossy and semi-glossy sheens are exceptionally dated and extremely hard to keep up, as they show each spot of residue and earth. Famous and practical, compliment finishes are simpler to clean and will stand the trial of time. It’s not simply flooring that is going matte; these sheen trends are supplemented in different surfaces such as seat tops, wall paint tones, and brushed metal equipment and fittings.

 For more help or queries, contact Uniting Floors today.


Timber Floor Repairs & Timber Floor Restoration in Melbourne

Timber Floor Repairs & Timber Floor Restoration in Melbourne

Notwithstanding how well you treat your timber flooring, it will require occasional repairs now and then, always looking its best self ahead. Regardless of whether it gets insignificant traffic and extra attention and care, an expert renovation and wood floor repair service can help reestablish your floor to its old beauty such that home support essentially can’t. At Uniting Floors, we’re pleased to offer various timber floor repairs in Melbourne, including timber scratch repairs and noisy floor repairs. Fit for fixing floorboards, strong timber, floating timber, engineered timber, and parquetry flooring, our specialists will inspect your floor’s condition and decide the best strategy to take before starting repairs.


Uniting Timber Floor Repair Services:

Uniting Floors can help you with a wide range of timber floor repairs in Melbourne, including:

– Replacement of wrecked, split, or water-damaged timber floorboards
– Hardwood floor repair
– Fix of squeaking or loose timber flooring
– Hardwood floor dent and scratch fix
– Timber floor scratch repair
– Re-nailing and puttying
– Floorboard repair
– Resurfacing a timber floor that has blurred because of daylight, traffic, or other reasons

Actually, by and large, Uniting Floors can fix your flooring, so it looks all-around great and will be equipped to deal with all the things a floor gets.

Why Choose Uniting Floors for your Timber Floor Repairs?

Need help with timber scratch repairs and timber dint fixes in Melbourne, or need hardwood floor dent repair? Here’s the reason you should get in touch with Uniting Floors’ experts:

– We have years of experience with the timber flooring industry, building strong timber floor installation and repairs.
– We provide services to customers in various sectors, including private, business, and maintenance.
– We use non-toxic chemicals, including natural oils, stains, and limes.
– Our costs for timber floor repair are rightly priced.
-We’re focused on offering quality support in an opportune way.

Uniting Floors is pleased to have a devoted group that can give repairs to a wide range of timber floors in private and commercial fields, from parquetry flooring to floorboard repairs in Melbourne. We also offer timber floor repair at moderate costs, guaranteeing incredible worth timber floor maintenance and repair that gives the greatest consumer loyalty.

Contact Uniting Floors today to know more.

Solid Hardwood Timber Flooring

Solid Hardwood Timber Flooring

A lot of homeowners are switching to hardwood floors for their homes. Some favor the great look of wood flooring over carpets or tiles, while others just like that timber flooring are simpler to clean and maintain. Yet, the question remains, which one is better: carpet, tile, or hardwood floors?

Beneath, we’ve drilled down a few reasons why you should opt for solid hardwood timber flooring.

Adds Elegance To Your Space:

Wood floors add an aesthetically appealing look to your home and add a touch of warmth. Many homeowners admit that having hardwood floors even makes space look more magnificent. It is an easy way to make an everlasting impression of your home as it adds to the warmth of the place and makes your home more welcoming. 

Read: Best Ways to Clean and Maintain Tile Floors

Easy To Maintain and Clean:

Hardwood floors are easy to keep clean. They can be cleaned, steam-cleaned, or vacuumed to eliminate any dirt or dust that has been gathered. Think about not cleaning all the time and knowing that your floors are not holding any environmental risks like mites or pet dander. What makes wood floors much simpler to maintain is the way that they are stain-proof than carpets. In case, you spill anything on the floor, you can wipe it up.

Strong and Durable:

Being sturdy is one of the main reasons why homeowners choose to go for timber flooring. The reason why timber flooring is easy to maintain is because of its durability. Indeed, they can get dents or scratches; however, it is difficult to do. If you take the utmost care of your timber floor, the hard surface can keep going for quite a long time.

Adds Value to a Place:

Wood floors can enhance your home. When it comes for you to sell your home, buyers will pay more for a house with hardwood than carpet. Many homebuyers don’t prefer carpet flooring, particularly another person’s carpet. They consider carpets as something that will incite their allergies. Many home buyers would plan to replace carpets, which is why they will pay more for a house with hardwood floors.

Improves Air Quality:

As compared to carpets, hardwood floors don’t trap dust, dirt, particulate things, or other allergens. It means that it’s altogether easier to improve your indoor air quality. 

Long-Lasting and Cost-Effective:

Hardwood floors are anything but difficult to maintain, healthy, and give better air quality. However, they can be costly, correct? Contingent upon the other floor you are thinking about, timber floors might be a more expensive flooring alternative to buy. Notwithstanding, there are a couple of elements you ought to consider. 

Consider the long-term expenses. Timber floors are simpler to clean and less inclined to be damaged. It will decrease your cleaning or repair costs in the long term. Also, because they are so reliable, hardwood floors can keep going for ages. It makes them a cost-effective flooring choice. 

In case you’re considering replacing your flooring, strong hardwoods are an incredible decision that accompanies an extensive list of advantages. If you are searching for flooring that gives lifetime excellence, boost your home’s value, are anything but difficult to clean, and intended to keep going for a long time, at that point, opt for timber flooring for your space. Call Uniting Floors to speak to our flooring experts today.


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