A Restore Composite Deck in Melbourne made by UnitingFloors

Yes, composite decking can be restored. Even if your deck has already faded, the first step to restore it is giving it a thorough cleaning. 

  • Clean
  • Maintain
  • Repair
  • Resurface
  • Stain or Paint

Process of Restoring Composite Decking


A thorough cleaning is the first step to restoring a faded deck. It’s especially important to clean after storms when debris and grime can build up. Use an oxygenated cleaner that penetrates deep into the material. Avoid cleaners containing chlorine bleach, which can be corrosive.


Regular maintenance can help prevent fading and keep your deck looking fresh. Remove debris and clean up spills promptly to maintain its appearance and longevity.


For small scratches and surface marks, use a composite decking repair kit that contains wax or epoxy fillers. Ensure you find a matching shade of color for a seamless repair.


Composite decking can be resurfaced, also known as recapping, to refresh its look and extend its lifespan.

Stain or Paint

Depending on the desired look, you can rejuvenate a worn-out deck with a new stain or paint-based protective seal. This not only enhances its appearance but also provides a protective barrier against the elements.

What Makes Composite Decking Fade?

Inappropriate Cleaning Solution

Composite decking, such as Trex, is crafted from a blend of materials that respond best to specific cleaning products. Using chlorine bleach, wire brushes, or excessive pressure washing can cause composite decking to fade. Always use recommended cleaning solutions to maintain the deck’s appearance.

Poor Maintenance

Improper maintenance is a major cause of faded decking. While Trex composite decks are low-maintenance, they are not maintenance-free. Regularly clean your deck to prevent the buildup of leaves, dust, and debris, which can cause mold and rot over time. Frequent cleaning makes the task easier and keeps your deck looking fresh.

Sun Damage

Exposure to intense sunlight can cause sun damage over time, especially in areas with hot summer months like Virginia. Although composite decking is less prone to sun damage compared to traditional wooden decks, it’s still important to consider sun exposure. High-quality products like Trex are designed to resist fading, but taking preventative measures is always beneficial.

Inferior Decking Material

If your deck is made from materials other than Trex, such as wood or lower-quality composite decking brands, it may be more prone to fading. Older composite deck boards are also more likely to fade. Investing in high-quality materials from reputable suppliers can help prevent this issue.

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