Finishing of Floor Sanding & Polishing

Finishing of Floor Sanding & Polishing

Is the appearance of your wooden floor in Melbourne beginning to deteriorate? The wooden floors can get damaged and begin to look worse with time. Do you require professionals to sand & polish it to restore its beauty? We pledge to complete the task competently and affordably.

Melbourne floor sanding and polishing

We can assist if your flooring appears dingy or worn out. We deal with all kinds of flooring and are experts in offering chemical-free, eco-friendly alternatives to hardwood floors.

The services that we offer:

  • Floor Sanding and Polishing: We sand and polish your floors using the most up-to-date technology to give them the most remarkable finish possible.
  • Flooring installation: We can install gorgeous hardwood floors in your home or business.
  • Hardwood Floor Restoration: Regardless of the slight scratches or structural flaws, we can restore any wooden floor.


Let us give your flooring a finish. Let’s change your flooring into something beautiful by contacting us for a free consultation!

Floor Sanding Melbourne Finishing (The final step)

Your wooden floors will look fantastic once we’ve finished sanding them.

These are the techniques that we usually use:

  1. Incorporating Colour (If You Want)

We can make your floors a specific color if you desire. It’s similar to choosing a wall color for your home, just for your flooring. They appear unique and intriguing as a result.

2. Sealing Off Security

Your floors have something on them that we call a wood sealer. It acts as a screen to protect your flooring from things like wetness and improves the adhesion of the subsequent layers.

3. Addition of Additional Layers (Finish Coats)

Like clear nail polish, a transparent finish is applied in many layers. Your floors get tougher, shinier, and smoother with each layer. We sand between each layer to ensure everything is beautiful and level. This step is crucial for making your flooring seem fantastic.

4. Adding Extra Shine, If You Like

We perform a procedure known as buffing if you want the flooring to shine. It’s similar to adding a little glitter to your flooring, particularly if you want it to be glossy.

5. Awaiting the drying of everything

We must be patient for your flooring to dry and set up when done. It is comparable to waiting for a wall’s paint to cure. It’s recommended to avoid walking on the flooring or placing heavy objects on them during this period.

6. Verifying Every Detail

We scrutinize your floors to ensure that they are flawless. Any areas that appear to be wrong are corrected.

7. Returning the favor

You may begin putting items of furniture and area rugs back in the space once your floors are entirely dry and have had time to settle.

8. Keeping Your Floors Clean

Taking proper care of your flooring is critical if you want it to look fantastic for a long time. We’ll offer you some advice, such as not letting your floors get too wet when cleaning them and placing protective padding beneath your furniture.

Making your floors appear beautiful and endure long is the goal of all these measures. You can rely on Uniting Floors to complete the job correctly so that your feet look great for many years.

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality & Affordability: We provide high-quality services at reasonable costs.
  • Experienced Team: The expertise and experience of our team will guarantee good outcomes for your project.
  • Free Estimates: You will be given a free estimate to be fully aware of the costs involved.
  • Licensed and Insured: We are a licensed and insured company, giving you trust in our services and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How long does it usually take to sand and finish a floor?

Although the time required varies, it takes three to five days to complete on average.

Will the finishing products have a noticeable smell?

Initially, there can be a slight smell, but it goes away as the finish dries.

Can I use the flooring as soon as it is finished?

Before stepping on the floors, waiting at least 24 hours is essential to let the finish set.

How frequently do I need to get my wooden flooring refinished?

Depending on considerations like foot activity, the frequency might vary, but usually, floors need to be refinished every 7 to 10 years.

Do environment-friendly solutions exist for finishing?

Yes, there are finishes available that are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are ecologically benign.

Do I have to remove my furniture before sanding or finishing the room?

Removing all the furniture from the room is preferable, but if that’s not possible, let’s talk about how to move larger pieces.




Surface Preparation for Floor Sanding & Polishing

Surface Preparation for Floor Sanding & Polishing

Surface Preparation for Floor Sanding & Polishing

“Prior to commencing the sanding process, it is essential to get your workspace ready. Begin by clearing the room of all furniture, decor, and wall ornaments. Use plastic sheeting to shield any immovable fixtures and doorways, preventing them from being affected by dust. Lastly, ensure that your floor is devoid of any nails or staples and is clean.”

Do you require professionals to sand and polish it to make it appear elegant again? We pledge to complete the work properly and affordably.

Floor Sanding & Polishing Melbourne

All types of floors are workable, and we offer solutions for environmentally friendly, chemically-free hardwood floors.

We constantly provide high-quality goods and services, and our rates are reasonable. When we visit, we will provide sound advice on your floor to give a free estimate. We’ll let you know precisely what you need and when it will take to complete your job.

Here’s what we do

  • Floor Sanding and Polishing: We employ the most up-to-date gear to give your floor the optimum finish through floor sanding and polishing.
  • Floor Installation: We can install hardwood floors in homes and offices.
  • Hardwood floor restoration: We can repair any wooden floor, from minor blemishes to damaged sections.

Surface Preparation Made Simple: The UnitingFloors Method

Consider a floor that requires some attention. It can have a coating on it, be covered with an outdated finish, or even have sticky adhesive remnants. The UnitingFloors Method is helpful in this situation. This technique is used to prepare surfaces for a fresh appearance.

Here’s what we can do with it:

  • Sanding and Roughening: Sanding the floor will make it smoother. When you wish to get away from flaws, this is helpful.
  • Coating Removal: If you have a coating on your floor, such as an outdated finish, we can remove it.
  • Getting Removal of Glue Remains: Sticky leftovers can occasionally be a hassle. We can aid you in removing these.

Our equipment may be used on PVC flooring in addition to regular floors. We can even swap out worn finishes for new ones to restore the brand-new appearance of your floor.

 We have the equipment for various tasks, including sandpaper and specialty pads. The difficulty of the job will determine the best instrument to use. Sometimes, exerting more pressure will result in quicker, higher-quality work.

Also, don’t stress over the mess. Even though we frequently operate without water, there’s a method for keeping things clean. UnitingFloors Splash & Dust Guard and our Dust Control vacuum are highly advised. In this manner, you maintain safety and a neat workstation.

Instruments used by UnitingFloors

We use a variety of instruments, including bonded diamond pads, aluminum oxide pads, open-structure pads, and sandpaper, to prepare surfaces utilizing the UnitingFloors Method.

The tool selected will rely on the requirements of the particular project. More pressure is frequently preferable for quicker and better results when preparing surfaces. We strongly advise utilizing the UnitingFloors Dust Control vacuum coupled with the UnitingFloors Splash & Dust Guard to control and contain dust.

These preparations are generally dry, creating a clean and secure working environment. Thanks to these instruments and methods, we may quickly and efficiently prepare surfaces for a range of applications.

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality & Affordability: We provide top-notch services at reasonable costs.
  • Experienced Team: We guarantee excellent outcomes thanks to our staff’s expertise and experience.
  • Family-Owned: As a family-run company, we give your project our undivided attention.
  • Free Estimates: We offer free estimates so you know all associated costs.
  • Licensed and Insured: You may feel secure knowing that we are a licensed and insured business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Which flooring kinds do you deal with?

In addition to hardwood, laminate, and tile, we also specialize in other types of flooring.

How long does it take to build a floor?

Although the turnaround time varies, we’ll give you an estimate at your appointment.

Are the floor coatings you use eco-friendly?

Yes, we provide environmentally friendly choices that won’t harm the environment or your house.

Do your services come with warranties?

We issue warranties to assure your happiness and the durability of our work.

If you’re making repairs or additions, can you match the flooring?

Yes, we work to match your current flooring for a unified appearance perfectly.

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