Commercial Timber Floor Sanding And Polishing Melbourne

Commercial Timber Floor Sanding And Polishing Melbourne

Commercial Timber Floor Sanding And Polishing Melbourne

Having a perfect home with shiny flooring and beautiful interiors is what we all dream of. A good conditioned timber flooring requires timely maintenance that includes both commercial floor sanding and commercial floor polishing. Have you been looking for commercial floor sanding and commercial floor polishing services in Melbourne? Uniting Floors provides all these services and more at the best prices and from a highly experienced team of professionals.

Well maintained timber floor can enhance the aesthetic essence of your home. Hence, to achieve the best results you will have to employ the best commercial floor sanding and commercial floor polishing services in Melbourne.

When do we need commercial floor sanding and floor polishing services?

While timber flooring is known to be sturdy and durable, over the years of use damage to its surface is impertinent. Usually, the use of harsh floor cleaners, high heeled shoes, exposure to moisture, and other factors, can cause degradation of the floor finish over the time. Thus, it is important to look after the flooring by maintaining it through regular floor sanding and polishing services.

Wooden flooring if not looked after properly can end up looking cloudy or scratched. While floor polish can provide a glossy sheen to your timber floors if applied, but in case there are deep gouges in the wood and the scratches are too many, it is important to reconsider resurfacing your floors. This entails a process of commercial floor sanding and polishing, which will work wonders in rejuvenating tired timber floors.

Ideally when a wooden flooring is resurfaced i.e. sanded and polished at least once a year can help prolong the durability of the flooring. Uniting Floors aids homeowners to maintain their wooden flooring in good condition by providing the best in business commercial floor sanding and floor polishing services in Melbourne.

Why is Commercial Floor Sanding and Floor Polishing Important?

Good intact and well-maintained timber flooring completes the look of any home and obviously having ugly chippings and cracks in the flooring need

 to be looked into at the earliest. Hence, getting commercial floor sanding and polishing in Melbourne done at least once a year is an essential for maintenance of the timber flooring in your commercial premises. Let’s explore the two main reasons why it is important to get timber floor sanding and polishing done every year:

  • Opting for regular timber flooring maintenance services like commercial floor polishing and commercial sanding services in Melbourne will help make floors become more strong, sturdy and dependable.
  • Getting professional floor sanding and polishing by the right service provider not only prolongs the life of the flooring but will also minimize the incidence of time-driven damage to it.

Key Steps in Commercial Floor Sanding and Commercial Floor Polishing of Wooden Flooring

Commercial Timber Floor Sanding in Melbourne and Commercial Timber Floor Polishing in Melbourne are services which Uniting Floors pioneers in. Equipped with a team of professionals with years of experience, Uniting Floors helps restore timber flooring to its original shiny and glistening look. Some of the important steps involved in Commercial Timber Floor sanding and polishing services include:

  1. Clearing the surface and Floor Preparation

The first step to get your commercial timber floor sanding and polishing started is clearing out the clutter. All the furniture must be moved out of the room. Moreover, any fittings or wall hangings may have to be removed to avoid damage or risk of hitting them while sanding the timber floor.

Then it is important to clean out the floor by removing protruding nails or chippings and inspect the floor surface for any inconsistencies. Uniting floors offers the best commercial timber floor sanding and polishing services in Melbourne thereby helping you maintain your timber flooring in pristine condition.

  1. Using the right gear to get the best results

Starting off with the right timber floor sanding equipment can save a lot of time and definitely prevent damage during the process of timber floor repair. So, here’s the deal- There are basically three types of sanders that are commonly available at home building stores for rent – Buffer Sanders, Square Vibrating Sanders and Drum Sanders. Each of these sanders, although are built to do the same job but differ in their ease of handling and risk of damage. Along with sanding tools even polishing materials need to be selected and made available for better effectiveness of the timber floor sanding and polishing services.

  1. Using the right technique

The idea of using the grits in a particular order is to get the desired finesse in a shorter time span. Skipping even one grit in the sequence can add more time in hours to finish the job. After each pass using a grit paper it is important to check that the swirls from all the previous grit passes have been taken care of.

Once you can meticulously proceed through each grit paper and finally reach the 120 grit mark and finish that pass too, you can clean up all the dust caused by the sanding using brushes and preferably vacuum it out to get a clean finished timber flooring.

  1. Adding the finishing touch

For the final finishing of the polish coating, it is preferable to use a water-based primer. A thin coat is the best option to ensure a long-lasting finish. Usually, two coats of high-density polyurethane can do the job. Adding the finishing touches well helps give a longer life to your timber flooring.

It is important to choose a professional commercial floor sanding and polishing services provider in Melbourne like Uniting Floors to ensure that the services are conducted with precision and help enhance the durability and texture of your timber flooring leaving it looking smooth and shiny as ever!

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