Two employees of Unitingfloor are installing timber floor in a hose of Melbourne.
    • Timber Quality
    • Product Range
    • Local Presence and Accessibility
    • Customization Options
    • Sustainability
    • Expertise and Customer Service
    • Customer Reviews and Recommendations
    • Warranty and After-Sales Support
    • Pricing and Transparency
    • Reputation and Experience
    • Material Samples and Showroom
    • Installation Services
    • Environmental Responsibility

    When it comes to building, fixing up your place, or crafting with wood, the kind of wood you choose matters. In Melbourne, Australia, there’s a standout company for hardwood timber: They’ve been at it for years, offering top-quality timber that makes a difference in your project’s strength, lifespan, and looks. Check out where they get their wood, how they grade it, and the finishes they offer. Oztimber is all about sustainability, skill, and making customers happy. They’ve built a strong reputation as the go-to place for excellent hardwood timber.

    13 Qualities to Choose The Best Timber Floor Installation Services In Melbourne

    Timber Quality

    The most important thing for your timber flooring project is the quality of the timber itself. Make sure the supplier offers high-quality, real hardwood or engineered wood that meets industry standards. Ask about where the timber comes from, how it’s graded, and if it has any certifications. This affects how long your flooring will last and how good it looks.

    Product Range

    Find a supplier that has a wide variety of timber flooring options. Different types of wood have different colors and textures. A supplier with lots of choices lets you pick the perfect one for your style.

    Local Presence and Accessibility

    When you’re deciding, it’s important to consider how close the supplier is to you and how easy it is to reach them. Choosing a supplier nearby can make logistics easier and ensure you get prompt support when you need it. You can also check if the supplier sells their flooring through different stores. At Unitingfloors, we work with a range of distributors where you can find our flooring. You can even schedule an appointment to visit us directly.

    Customization Options

    Being able to customize your flooring is a big plus because it means your design fits your home just right. Talk to the supplier about what you want and check out different plank sizes, finishes, and patterns. Unitingfloors has a Color Lab where you can pick any color you want – even bold ones like bright blues or greens! Besides picking the width and type of wood, you can also choose from patterns like chevron, herringbone, or parquetry.


    In a world where being eco-conscious is important, using sustainable flooring materials, glues, and environmentally friendly coatings helps lessen harm to the environment. Ask the supplier about their sourcing practices, certifications, and efforts to reduce waste and energy use. At Unitingfloors, we use LED hard wax oil to coat our floors. They’re formaldehyde-free and VOC-free, making for a healthier indoor environment. This means your rooms are safe for pets and kids right after installation, and our factory workers aren’t exposed to toxic smells or solvents. That’s why Passivhaus architects prefer us.

    Expertise and Customer Service

    A good timber flooring supplier should have smart staff who can help you pick the right flooring and answer your questions. Great customer service shows the company cares about you and wants you to be happy.

    Customer Reviews and Recommendations

    Talk to friends, family, or others who’ve worked with timber flooring suppliers. Reviews and recommendations give you a good idea of how reliable a supplier is. Check out what past customers have to say to see if they were happy with the service. Positive reviews and recommendations from previous customers can reassure you that the supplier has a track record of keeping their promises when it comes to timber flooring.

    Warranty and After-Sales Support

    A reliable supplier should have warranties for their flooring. Make sure you know what the warranty covers. Also, ask about any help they offer after you buy, like maintenance advice or fixing problems. The job isn’t finished just because the floors are delivered; it’s only done when they meet your standards. Having a team to help you afterward makes things easier. When picking a supplier, ask about their warranty, maintenance tips, and how they deal with any issues. That’ll help you choose the right one.

    Pricing and Transparency

    Price matters, but watch out for super cheap deals because that might mean low-quality stuff. Ask for a breakdown of all the costs and make sure there are no hidden fees. A supplier who’s honest about their prices is a good sign.

    Reputation and Experience

    A supplier’s reputation and experience say a lot about how reliable they are and the quality of their stuff. Check out reviews and testimonials from past customers to see if they were happy. Also, see how long the supplier has been around. The longer they’ve been in business, the more they probably know what they’re doing.

    Material Samples and Showroom

    Getting material samples and visiting showrooms lets you see and feel the products before you make up your mind. This helps you picture how the timber flooring will look in your space. Ask for samples of different types of timber and finishes to see how they fit with your current décor and lighting. When you go to the showroom, you can check out all the options and get ideas for your project. At Unitingfloors, you can request custom samples that match what you’re looking for. We can mix colors and adjust the texture and gloss level to suit your needs.

    Installation Services

    Ask if the supplier can install your flooring or recommend someone who can. Good installation is key to making your floors last. You want someone skilled to do the job.

    Environmental Responsibility

    If you care about the environment, look for suppliers that care too. Ask about where they get their wood and if it’s certified as sustainable. See if they have any green initiatives.

    At Last

    In summary, picking the right timber flooring supplier means thinking about their product quality, reputation, expertise, customer service, and commitment to sustainability. If you take the time to look into and compare different suppliers, you can be sure your timber flooring project will turn out great, adding beauty and durability to your space.

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